TAQ Division Alliance

A strategic alliance for a stronger group!

Based in Amqui, Quebec, TAQ Division Alliance grew out of a partnership between Impressions Alliance 9000 and Groupe TAQ on April 1, 2021. This was a natural alliance given the two companies’ shared missions and complementary services.

Alliance 9000 was founded 40 years earlier as an adapted company. It had nearly 150 employees, 100 with functional limitations. The company provided services mainly in binding, digital printing, and industrial subcontracting and developed strong partnerships with Desjardins, Laurentien, and Industrial Alliance Financial Group.

The amalgamation of Alliance 9000 and Groupe TAQ resulted in two separate places of business, an engaged, meticulous, and high-performing team and a 25% increase in production capacity.


1981 : Creation of new adapted company operating in the auto parts sector.

1994 : Reliure Amqui develops binding expertise and obtains a major contract manufacturing Desjardins desktop calendars.

1996 : Reliure Amqui becomes Impressions Alliance 9000 and acquires two Matapédia-based printers.

2004 : Impressions Alliance 9000 goes on to become the largest printing company in eastern Quebec, boasting 140 employees, sophisticated equipment, and a state-of-the-art 50,000 sq. ft. facility.

2008 to 2018 : Times grow darker. Due to management changes, a severe forestry crisis, and a general slowdown in the printing industry, Impressions Alliance 9000 is hit hard.

2019 : A new management team takes the helm of the adapted company, and business profitability begins to improve.

2021 : Alliance 9000 merges with Groupe TAQ. This is a logical step that facilitates efforts to integrate people living with functional limitations. A strategic alliance for a stronger group!