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Discover the milestones of our wonderful adapted company! We have evolved over the years while keeping the well-being of our employees at the heart of our decision making.

1979 | Founding

Founding of Ateliers TAQ, which mainly offers printing and mail preparation services.

2013 | First acquisition

  • To shore up the profitability of its mail preparation business while freeing up time to focus on developing food solutions, TAQ Group acquires one of its postal competitors— Poste Express. Nine Poste Express employees join the Groupe TAQ family.
  • 2013 marks the beginning of our major partnership with Centre Louis-Jolliet. Our workers benefit from the expertise and personalized support of two teachers who provide social integration training to employees during work hours.

2014 | Diversifying our services

2014 marks the launch of our food packaging solutions and the beginning of our wonderful partnership with Chocolats Favoris. We build our first positive-pressure food cell to meet their needs.

2015 | Ateliers TAQ becomes Groupe TAQ

To mark its 35th anniversary and reflect its new business reality, Ateliers TAQ becomes Groupe TAQ. Two new divisions are created: Outsourcing and Mail Solutions.

2018 | A new headquarters

The company officially relocates to a new 130,000 sq. ft. facility on December 10, 2018—a move long awaited by the entire TAQ team and the largest project in Groupe TAQ’s history. A total investment of $13.4 millions!

2019 | Our new cafeteria

In January 2019, Groupe TAQ employees are excited to enjoy their first cafeteria meal lovingly prepared and served by the new kitchen crew. This marks the beginning of TAQ’s food services. In our spacious kitchen, our chef and his team of 5 employees living with functional limitations prepare daily balanced snacks and meals costing less than $5.00. This creates jobs, promotes a spirit of sharing and team building, and fosters healthy lifestyles!

2021 | A stronger group alliance!

TAQ Group and the Amqui-based adapted company Impressions Alliance 9000 decide to join forces. Alliance 9000 becomes Groupe TAQ-Division Alliance.

2021 | Faber & Groupe TAQ, a limitless adventure!

After many years of fruitful collaboration, Groupe TAQ acquires Faber snowshoe manufacturing operations in 2021. This major transaction ensures the continuity and growth of a company that has been making its mark on the Canadian landscape for over 150 years. This acquisition gives Faber a boost, making it one of the world’s leading snowshoe manufacturers!