Founded in 1979, Groupe TAQ uses business partnerships as a means to provide work and social integration opportunities to people with functional limitations. We provide permanent, stable, quality jobs to 500 people, over 350 of whom are persons with disabilities.

A not-for-profit organization, Groupe TAQ is a social enterprise that is helping more than 300 business partners grow and flourish.

Our values

Making a difference

  • To our workers, by creating a positive community environment and promoting individual development.
  • To our partners, by meeting their specific needs.
  • To society, by promoting job creation.

Embracing agility

  • We operate in a variety of sectors and provide business solutions tailored to partner needs. 

Developing potential

  • among our workers, by providing personalized training.
  • Among our partners, by anticipating their needs.
  • In the marketplace, by acquiring new expertise that meets our clients’ needs.

Forging partnerships

  • We encourage long-term business partnerships with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Together, let’s change people’s lives!