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TAQ’s philosophy?
To make our company a place where everyone wants to work!

“Groupe TAQ is the most beautiful company in Quebec City. That sums it up. It’s certainly not the most profitable or the most high-tech. But it’s a real people place. Every day, we interact with people who appreciate being respected. We’re not selling a product; we’re selling a solution. We’re relieving our partners’ headaches. That’s so rewarding! In the office, we have a duty to perform and manage the business just as you would in any company. But we stay focused on treating people with dignity. We feel pressure to be the best because if we fail, there’s no plan B for many of our workers. I’m proud to work here at TAQ because everything is great. The team, our facility, the relationships with our partners, the atmosphere. I’m proud to have contributed to this success, to have created wealth so I can surround myself with the best talent. And I love my day-to-day life because it’s all about future projects. And because projects are what keep me going, I don’t run out of energy and I certainly don’t lack motivation.”

– Gabriel Tremblay, CEO

Our cafeteria, a collective meeting place

For breaks and meals, all employees gather in our beautiful and spacious 5,000 sq. ft. cafeteria—a collective meeting place. It includes a stage, a lounge, an outdoor patio, and a pool table, reflecting TAQ’s commitment to providing a stimulating community environment for all our workers. Working in a 500 sq. ft. professional kitchen, our chef and his crew of people living with functional limitations prepare balanced snacks and meals at low cost for all our employees. A full meal for under $5.00! This creates jobs, upholds the spirit of sharing and team building, and fosters healthy lifestyles.

A training program focused on social integration

In 2013, Groupe TAQ, in collaboration with Centre Louis-Jolliet, created a training program focused on social integration. The Centre’s instructors run training programs at our facility with a view to promoting worker autonomy, personal development, and workplace skills. Over 125 workers receive an hour of training per week during their shift. All participants receive personalized follow-up.

Working at TAQ changes people’s lives!

Groupe TAQ is proud to be an adapted business member of the Conseil Québécois des Entreprises Adaptées.