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Environmental Policy


Through this policy, TAQ Group affirms its involvement in the preservation of and respect for the environment. The results of our corrective actions and improvement projects, framed by our commitments, will be our strength in raising the awareness of our suppliers, our customers, the community and TAQ Group employees. TAQ Group is concerned about the environment and the ecological footprint of its operations.


TAQ Group is committed to :

  • Comply with the laws, regulations, decrees, standards and codes that have an impact on the Group’s activities;
  • Consider environmental impacts in the decision-making process of all work teams
  • Establish a management system that allows for the continuous reduction and/or optimization of
  • Water consumption,
  • Energy consumption:
  • Energy control (load shedding) HILO
  • NSW programmable energy management
  • Generation of residual materials.

Recycling – Paper – Cardboard (Source separation of paper and cardboard and baling for re-use.)

  • White paper
  • Colored paper
  • Brown wrapping paper (baler)
  • Cardboard tube (baler)
  • Cardboard box (baler)
  • Plastic recycling of pre-consumer packaging and baling for recovery.

Recycling and sorting of metals:

  • Rejects from aluminium tubing production and others;
  • Rejects from the mechanical workshop;
  • Obsolete equipment.Recycling of post-consumer products – Kitchen & Cafeteria:
  • Participation of the food service team;
  • Training offered to our workers, with the support of teachers from the Louis-Jolliet Center, on recycling.