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Let’s create 5,000 jobs for people with disabilities!

Let’s create 5,000 jobs for people with disabilities!

06 June 2022

It’s Disability Week. Another one. It’s a great week, but why not make it a great one this year?

There is a labor shortage. There are 114,664 people with disabilities on the Social Solidarity Program: did you know that?

Immigration is a solution to the scarcity of labour, it is unequivocal. But there is another, complementary, and by people here who are just waiting to contribute. If the Government of Quebec put all the ingredients in place, I am convinced that we could create 5,000 jobs for people with disabilities over the next 5 years.

Most of the 114,664 people with disabilities do not have the ability to work. But in a suitable environment, yes, the challenge of integrating 5,000 of them into work is achievable. But to make this project possible, it takes government will combined with concerted action by several partners.

Minister Jean Boulet has already taken a first concrete step by proposing the Basic Income program (PRB) which will be in effect in 2023. Thus, recipients of the Income Security Program, who have been there for 5 years, will be able to work without be penalized too much. For example, if a person took a job at $15/hr, they could expect a gross income of $32,500 to $37,500 depending on the number of hours worked per week, while retaining the benefits and security offered by the Social Solidarity Program.

But to create these 5,000 jobs, the Quebec government will have to do a little more. Believe me, the effort is worth it:

  • Increase the resources of the Work Integration Contract (CIT) program and the Subsidies for Adapted Businesses (PSEA) program;
  • Offer additional resources to SEMOs, organizations that offer employment assistance and placement services for people with disabilities to enable them to properly advise these 5,000 people;
  • Promote potential jobs to recipients of the Social Solidarity Program;
  • Encourage Quebec businesses to develop business partnerships with adapted businesses;
  • Support job-creating projects offered by adapted companies.

Let’s brew this great recipe together and you will see concrete results: people who will regain dignity and higher incomes, employers who will find a solution to the scarcity of labor and an increase in Quebec’s GDP of nearly $200 million/year upon project completion.

This is an exciting project summed up in 400 words. A project to change the lives of 5,000 people and their families.

I believe in it with passion. And you? Good week !


Gabriel Tremblay
CEO | Groupe TAQ
Involved in the work integration of people with disabilities for 32 years.