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Thank you for everything Anne-Marie

Thank you for everything Anne-Marie

23 February 2023

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our amazing Anne-Marie after 18 years of service! She held various positions within the company, always in the human resources department. A woman of heart with a strong sense of organization, she has successfully helped to grow the human resources department of Alliance 9000 into what it is today. Thanks to her, hundreds of people living with functional limitations have found fulfillment in their work.

Anne-Marie has the ability to understand people and see their potential. She once wrote: “For me, Alliance is a big, wonderful family where you can see everyone’s bright eyes! For many, Anne-Marie was the heart and soul of this great family, she was always there for everyone.  Generous of her own time, she never counted the hours she devoted to the employees and to the company.  She is a great listener and a good advice giver.  Many people took shelter in her office when they needed to talk. Despite the difficult years and turmoil the organization has faced over the years, she has stayed to keep the light burning,  out of love for the employees and the  company’s mission.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Anne-Marie is a committed woman.  At TAQ | Division Alliance, she was in charge of the social committee and was responsible for organizing all the activities without ever counting her time. Also involved in her community, she has been a member of the Lions Club for many years and has also served on various boards of directors.

We wish her well in her future endeavors!

Anne-Marie, we will miss you.

Annie & Marie-Noelle