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Anna, recognized for her impressive career!

Anna, recognized for her impressive career!

02 June 2022

What a joy to meet again at the Agora of the National Assembly on June 1 to highlight the impressive career of our colleague Anna Tremblay, winner of a Roger Pedneault Recognition Award!

As part of Quebec Week for People with Disabilities, the CQEA (Quebec Council of Adapted Enterprises) in partnership with the Office des personnes Handicapés du Québec, held the 10th edition of the Roger Pedneault Recognition Awards. These awards pay tribute to people living with functional limitations who have distinguished themselves in their work integration journey.

It was the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region, Mr. Jean Boulet, who presented the prizes as well as a $1,000 scholarship to this year’s 5 winners.

We are extremely proud that Anna Tremblay’s journey of perseverance has been recognized. A handler at TAQ since 2016, Anna has offered LSQ lessons to several members of the support team. We discovered a gentle, understanding and proud person who teaches with humor and professionalism. Much more than a simple apprenticeship, the training that Anna passed on to us created a privileged relationship between the participants and the deaf community of Groupe TAQ. She opened the doors to a strong, rich and grateful community. In her own way, Anna contributes to uniting the large Groupe TAQ family by breaking down communication barriers.

We are so proud of you Anna! Thank you for being part of our team and making a real difference!

Congratulations to all the winners of this 10th edition! And a very special thank you to the CQEA for this wonderful recognition evening.